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 My Story... 

I am Rituparna Ghosh,


I am a child, I want to play. But I am not good enough, I always cry. No one will play with me.


I am a teenager, I love a guy. But I am not pretty enough, I’m invisible in my prom. No one will dance with me.

I am a young adult, a victim of abuse. But I was not careful enough. No one will ever love me.


I am a professional, I want recognition. But I am not senior enough, I shouldn’t complain. No one else will hire me.


I am a wife, I want a child. But I am not fertile enough, I gave too much attention to my career. No one will be able to help me.


I am a mother, I can’t connect with my son. But I am not trying hard enough. Real people with real depression are not able to function. No one will believe my excuses.


I am tired, I wish I could die today. But I am not strong enough to kill myself. I've reached rock bottom. No one but I can decide whether to drown or swim.


What if I tell you I changed my story to..  

I am 39 years old; I am an author and transformational life coach, I don’t really care about being enough. I recognize I am a multipotentialite. I need NO one to tell me who I am.
If like me you are tired of doing everything right, yet being told that you are not enough, of someone always being upset or something always spiraling out of control, TAKE CHARGE and SWIM UP!

Why would you want to be what people expect you to be, when you get to be YOURSELF?


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Ritz is kind-hearted, genuine, insightful, and a great listener! She asks just the right questions at the right times, and offers great coaching tools and skills!

 - Hailey , Tallman

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