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1-2-1 coaching

What's in it for you?

Are you ready to stop feeling inadequate and live a full life?

If you are tired of wondering what is keeping you stuck despite doing everything right, then you've come at the right place!

They say Rome was not built in a day! The transformation that you want in your life can also not happen in a day! 

If you are looking for a magic wand that can put everything right in a day or even a week, then try Olivers Wand Shop in Diagon Alley! 


Unfortunately, transformational life coaching would mean moving inch by inch and taking charge of your life the good old fashioned way, i.e by asking your self uncomfortable questions, digging deeper, and moving forward with no hold barred honesty! 


What would you bring to the table?

  • A burning need to sort your life.

  • The will to put in the grunt work. 

  • The decision to be brutally honest. 

  • Time, it would take anywhere between 3-6 months ( 6-10 sessions).


What would you get from me? 

  • A safe, secure, and nonjudgemental place where you can be unabashedly you. 

  • A bag full of tools and techniques, that'd help you stay on track and oodles of support. 

  • Lots of questions!  my only role is to ask the right questions!

  • Guidance from someone who's already walked the walk and talked the talk 


Laughter, Conversations

& Coaching