Spending your Time

Do you see few women who seem to hold it together, always? They are well-groomed, always on top of work deliverables, have well-behaved model children they spend doing craft with and have just completed their introductory Spanish course? While on the other hand, you barely have time to comb your hair. People suspect your child is a part monster, and well, let's not get talking about work and house.

Learn Spanish? You must be joking.

The whole truth of the matter is there are only 24 hours in a day, and wishing there were 48 is not going to change that!

Our activities will continually expand, like gas, to fill the time we have, often giving the illusion of business so much so that it's a miracle that we remember to breathe.

Let's look at a regular day. Would it be possible for you to lie down and bite into that juicy book you were reading? Probably not. But god forbid if your old washing machine decides to flood the kitchen, time would miraculously appear to mop the kitchen up.

However, living a reactive life based on things thrown at us at impossible speed, always playing catch up yet not even chipping the to-do list - can be exhausting. Not to mention the havoc it creates on mental health. In the last blog, we covered some hacks on finding some time for yourself and doing things you enjoy.

So, assuming you worked through the hacks and suddenly find yourself richer by thirty minutes! Now, what is it you want to do with that time?

Doing what you want.

Oh! The excitement, where to begin?

If you live by a to-do list, I suggest dividing your tasks into 'Urgent', 'can survive another day', 'I want to do this.' (We discussed this in the last blog)

The 'I want to…' list is your ticket to stop playing catch up and do something you actually enjoy. Even if it seems unreachable now, the tiny steps you take towards it will bring you closer and hopefully help you feel accomplished. Perhaps you want to write that book or learn a language. Spending some time writing or doing lessons will help you feel proactive instead of reactive.

The next step, after you have the list, is to prioritise. What are the quick wins? Maybe tackling your 'To Be Read' pile is more accessible than planning a yoga retreat. The low hanging fruits - going for a walk instead of waiting for gyms to open?

Once the wheels are set in motion, this would soon become a habit and mix itself into your schedule. Then you can tackle the next item on the list!

Heed the signs

Let's say you've signed up for few free online courses for learning Spanish but instead, you find yourself binge-watching Netflix? Or your energy is going in trying to relax, but you are not just feeling it?

Ask yourself, is this something you really want to do? Or is it something that you feel you should be doing because that's the call of the hour? Maybe it's something about which that annoying friend on Instagram was bragging?

There is a high probability that our wants are defined by something we feel we should do (We all must meditate ) or should want to do ( learn another language, hey! Let's utilise the lockdown to maximum).

How to differentiate?

Say you've wanted to learn Spanish for a while but never had the time. Put it on your to-do list this week to spend 30 minutes finding an online teacher.

If you find you're procrastinating and avoiding this straightforward task, it could be that learning Spanish is not something you want to do enough.

As American entrepreneur and speaker, Jim Rohn said,

"If you really want to do something, you'll find a way. If you don't, you'll find an excuse."

Don't let your precious 30 minutes get wasted on doing something the world makes you think you should want to do. Instead, figure out what really excites you 

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