'I started writing in my teens as a way to escape the pressure of studies and to fill my time. Being an only child who hated sports and the outdoors, I spent a large part of my childhood cooking stories. I'd often find myself wondering what if we all had alternate realities, what if the thing that we wished would happen, actually happened?

Initially, it was a few scribbles in my diary, but then it progressed over time to poems and short stories. I love writing about emotions, relationships, and perennial romantic that I am, I love to write about love.

My first novel Unloved in Love was born out of my attempt to capture all my thoughts coherently, it is my heartfelt attempt to give the world a story where regular imperfect people fall in love. '

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Rituparna Ghosh Romance Author

Short Stories


Finding Lost Love

The man who beat cancer

Sultan, Not Sultana

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